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About Us

Hello Vinyl Collectors!

Are you interested in Japanese vinyl ? "Backwood Records" is online vinyl record store, spcialized in Japanese LPs. The records that we deal with are Classic Rock, Psychedeclic, Progressive, Punk, New Wave, Metal & Hard Rock. We are able to provide you with Japanese copies of Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Kiss and many more. Record companies in Japan stopped issuing vinyl in 1989 except for rare cases. So most of the records for sale at our store were issued before that. If the item is original copy, it is stated as original copy. Otherwise described as early press, limited edition or late press.

The records are added to the list day by day. We trust that you will find what you have sought after at our store.

Sorry, we do not have a real store, but online only.
And Backwood Records is run by "Street Noise Co.".

Discount Sale

We can provide you with 10% discount off the price for 2 - 5 items purchase, and 20% off for more than 6 items purchase. The postage is excluded from the discount. Any album including 2discs, 3discs or more multiple discs is counted as one. For instance, when you order:

1. 1LP ( single album )
2. 1LP ( single album )
3. 2LP ( double album )
4. 3LP ( triple album )
5. 1LP ( single album )

In this case, you ordered 5items including 8LPs. Though this order includes 8LPs, the number of items is 5, which leads to the discount of 10% off the total price.

Another Case:

1. 1LP ( single album )
2. 1LP ( single album )
3. 1LP ( single album )
4. 1LP ( single album )
5. 1LP ( single album )
6. 1LP ( single album )

In the 2nd case, you ordered 6items including 6LPs. The number of items is 6, leads to the discount of 20% off the total price.

Please contact us through "contact" button on any page, if you would have any inquiry.


As stated in "Payment & Shipment" page, the payment must be done at the same time as you confirm your order. When you proceed your order, the paypal window opens at our store. Please log in and proceed to pay for your order. After your payment, your order is confirmed at the same time. If you would cancel in the payment process, not only your payment but also your order would be cancelled.


Backwood Records is run by "Street Noise Co.". When you would log in your PayPal account, the invoice shows the "Payment request from Street Noise". So please do not panic. It's our company.


Our items are located in Japan. So all the items are shipped from there. We will ship your order within 3 business days after your payment. You can choose the shipment from following 3 options:

1. Registered SAL
2. Registered AIR
3. EMS

But in the case of the shipment to Japan ( domestic shipment ), you can choose "you-mail" or "you-pack". And in some cases, the shipment options are limited to specific countries. For more info, please go to "Payment & Shipment" page.

Return & Refund Policy

After long journey, you will receive the parcel from us. If the item does not match the description, you have two options:

1. Partial Refund
2. Return the item

In the case of 1, the refund amount varies from how it differs from the description. We need to contact each other to decide the amount of refund.

In the case of 2, all the payment including return postage will be refunded through paypal, if the returned item is in the original condition.

If you would like to return it without any defects in the item, you must pay the return postage. Because we have no fault as seller in such a case.


All pages in our site are secured 100% by SSL, provided by our server. Any info that you are requested to provide us such as your email is encrypted, when transmitted between this web site and the server.

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Backwood Records
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