Used Japanese Press Vinyl Records For Sale / Rock, Psychedelic, Progressive, Punk & Hard of 1960's & 70's

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  • The buyer has to pay the total charge including postage, when you make your order at our store.
  • The payment must be made through PAYPAL. Neither bank transfer nor IMO is available.
  • When you proceed your purchase after checking out of shopping cart, the paypal window opens at our site to request you to pay for your order.
  • Please log in and proceed to finish shopping. When you click "Buy Now" button at the payment confirmation page at our store, your order and payment are confirmed.
  • When you click "cancel" button, not only your payment but also your order at our store are cancelled.


Backwood Records is run by "Street Noise Co.". When you would log in your PayPal account, the invoice shows the "Payment request from Street Noise". So please do not panic. It's our company.


  • A parcel can contain up to 5LPs.
  • Double album is counted as 2LP and triple album as 3LP.
  • Every shipment of our items is registered AIR, SAL or EMS.
  • NO “SAL” Shipment to following countries & areas: Australia, Germany, Greenland, Denmark, Norway, Hungary, Finland, Poland & Taiwan
  • The shipment to Argentina, Brazil, China, Mexico & Philippines is ”EMS” only. No other options for these countries.
  • The records will be shipped within 3 business days after your payment.
  • For the buyers in France, Netherlands, Spain & Ukraine, SAL shipment is temporarily unavailable because of service suspension by AIR FRANCE. Please use AIR or EMS until SAL resumes. (Feb.8, 2018)



    AIR ( Registered )
  • 1LP: USD16
  • 2LP: USD20
  • 3LP: USD25
  • 4LP: USD29
  • 5LP: USD32

    SAL ( Registered )
  • 1LP: USD10
  • 2LP: USD14
  • 3LP: USD18
  • 4LP: USD22
  • 5LP: USD25

ASIA ( except Philippines )

    AIR ( Registered )
  • 1LP: USD12
  • 2LP: USD16
  • 3LP: USD18
  • 4LP: USD21
  • 5LP: USD25

    SAL ( Registered )
  • 1LP: USD9
  • 2LP: USD12
  • 3LP: USD15
  • 4LP: USD18
  • 5LP: USD21

SOUTH AMERICA / AFRICA ( except Argentina & Brazil )

    AIR ( Registered )
  • 1LP: USD20
  • 2LP: USD26
  • 3LP: USD32
  • 4LP: USD38
  • 5LP: USD42

    SAL ( Registered )
  • 1LP: USD12
  • 2LP: USD16
  • 3LP: USD20
  • 4LP: USD25
  • 5LP: USD30

User Agreement

All buyers must agree on the above terms of trade before purchase of our items. Otherwise the deal is canceled, and you'll be blocked from next purchase. And the buyers who cause troubles after shopping are also.

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