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User Agreement, Terms and Conditions


If you do not agree on the terms and conditions of this agreement, you can't register in our store. Any such use is prohibited and unauthorized. You must read, agree on and accept all of the terms and conditions contained in this User Agreement which include those terms and conditions set out below.

Article 1: Effectiveness of Agreement

This Agreement is effective on May 20, 2018 for all users.

Article 2: Registered Member

1. Agreeing on our user agreement, the user can be registered member through required process in this 'your collection' web site.
2. The user may not be registered member, if we judge that it's not appropriate because of the reasons below.
3. A member is allowed to use one User ID in our site.

Article 3: Password

1. Each registered member in our site is responsible for keeping the password secured and using it in proper manner in our site.
2. It's prohibited to trade, sell, lend or give the password to others.
3. We are not responsible for any damage, caused by illegal use or mishandle of password of each registered member.
4. Any activity done using the USER ID of registered member in our site is recognized as what this member's activity.
5. Registered password is encrypted and kept in the data base of our store. If it's leaked out of our store, it's impossible to be decrypted.

Article 4: Prohibited matters by every user in our site

We prohibit every user in our site from following activities

a. Any activity against public orders and customs in our society.
b. Criminal or its related activities.
c. Any activity against laws & statutes.
d. Any activity to disturb our management of this site, and damage reliance of us, other members, or third parties.
e. Any activity to use this site's ID and its password unjustly.
n. Any other activity that we think inappropriate as user in this site.

About Reservation

a. To reserve our items in spite of no-intention to buy them.
b. Any activity not to pay for reserved items, even after due payment date.

About Set Keywords of your want-list

a. Any activity to set harmful computer program in our 'set keywords' application, though it's intended to notify the user when the item of their interest is listed.

Article 5: Deletion of registered member qualification

1. In the following cases, we shall delete the registered member qualification in our site without previous notification to and consent of the member.

a. When the registered member breaks provisions of Article 4, or do other prohibited activities which is specified in this User Agreement.
b. When the registered member uses, or makes other member use the password of this site unjustly.
c. When the registered member does any unjust activities that we do not allow.
d. When the registered member does what we judge inappropriate.

2. When deleting member qualification, all the right that the member had in our site are also deleted.

Article 6: Withdrawal from the membership

The registered member must take required procedure to withdraw from our site. After finishing the procedure, he or she becomes withdrawn from the membership.

Article 7: Change of Agreement

We may amend this Agreement at any time by posting the amended terms on the site. Except as stated below, all amended terms are effective 30 days after they are initially posted on the Site.
Otherwise this Agreement may not be amended except in a writing signed by you and us.
However, in the case that it may cause damage or disadvantage on the third party, the User Agreement is amended before notification to members in less than above required period.

Article 8: Suspension and Change of our service

1. We may suspend or change our service without preliminary announcement or permission of registered members in the following cases

a. In the case of the scheduled maintenance of this site, updating or state-of-emergency.
b. In the case of inability to continue our service, because of a fire, a power failure or natural disaster.

2. We are not responsible for any damage in our site user including registered member, caused by the suspension of our service because of above-mentioned situation.

Article 9: Exemption from responsibility

a. We take no responsibility of the damage that users in our site or third party suffer, if it's caused by the delay or suspension of our service.
b. We take no responsibility of accuracy of information acquired through our service, or conformity to the specific purpose.
c. We take no responsibility of any damage, which is caused by the information acquired through our service.

Article 10: Applicable law

The law of Japan is applied to the enactment, effect, fulfillment and interpretation of this user agreement.

Established on May 20, 2018