Used Japanese Press Vinyl Records For Sale / Rock, Psychedelic, Progressive, Punk & Hard of 1960's & 70's

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1. Offer

"Offer" is the service that you can offer us your best price for the items with "offer button". The items without "offer button" are not available for the offer. This button appears for the items with the price over USD50, 2 weeks after listed.

And the discount is NOT applied to the offer items in our store.

The invoice is issued after we agree on the price. It has a "payment link", through which you have to pay us in 5 days.

If you would fail to pay in 5 days after invoiced, the payment link will be invalid and you will not be eligible for offer again. But you can shop at our store in ordinary way, using our shopping cart.

2. Reservation

"Reservation" is the service available only for the returned buyer. Those who have shopped at our store at least once are eligible for this service. Volume discount (10% off for over 2 items and 20% off for over 6 items ) is also applied to reserved items.

How to Reserve Our Items

1. Click "Reserve This Item" button.

2. Select "Login" or "Request to Reserve with Email".

3. If you select "Login", you can reserve when you put user id and password in the login box ( In such a case, you must register in our store beforehand ).

4. If you choose "Request to Reserve by Email", please put your email in the email box and click "Request Reserve" button. We will send you reserve notification by email.
When you click the confirmation link in the email from us, the item is reserved for you.

How long can I reserve items?

You can reserve our items until the end of the month in each month.

Payment for Reserved items

We will issue "invoice email" on the 1st of next month. You must pay through "payment link" in the invoice in 5 days after receiving it.

If you are a registered member, you can pay for reserved items anytime before receiving invoice. You should go to "My Account" → "Reserve List\ to find "proceed to pay" button. Click "proceed to pay" button to pay.

If Not to Pay for Reserved items

If you don't pay for reverved items by due date ( within 5 days after receiving invoice ), the payment link in the invoice will be invalid. Then you are no longer able to reserve our items. But you can still shop in our store by using shopping cart.

If you delete once reserved records from your list

If you delete once reserved records from your list, you can not reserve them again for 15 days after deleting. Please keep it in your mind.

Updated by Backwood Records on Mar.3.24, 2020.