Used Japanese Press Vinyl Records For Sale / Rock, Psychedelic, Progressive, Punk & Hard of 1960's & 70's

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What About Register?

Q1. Need to register to shop in Backwood Records?
A1. No, you can shop in our store without registration.
Q2. What can I do if registered?
A2. You can do following below after registered:
  • You can reserve and manage our records without email or our permission.
  • You can check your purchase history in our store.
  • You can upload some keywords of your want-vinyl. Then you'll receive email notification when the item to hit keywords is listed.
Q3. How to save my password?
A3. Your registered password is encrypted complicatedly and saved in our database. If it's leaked out of database, it's impossible to change it to original password.
Q4. Can I get unregistered after registered?
A4. Yes, you can be unregistered through your account in our store anytime.